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Who We Work With

We work with growing Australian companies with between 10 to 200 staff, either company-wide or within a distinct work group of a larger enterprise. We help those companies build cloud workflow software for their internal teams or clients that streamline their workflows, simplify complexity and create world-class client and staff experiences.

Our Specialty

We specialise in consolidating a company's workflows, software and systems into a "single source of truth". We do this because it:

  1. Streamlines operations across the business.
  2. Creates a single location for information across the company.
  3. Enables rapid onboarding for new staff.
  4. Allows for automation of low-impact workflows.
  5. Creates an environment for continuous improvement as further opportunities and challenges are identified.

We've seen the impact that creating digital platforms within growing companies can have over and over, which is why we now only specialise in this area.

Our Technical Fundamentals

Flow's team have expertise in all areas required to build software that can streamline growing businesses.

  1. Deeply understanding a business's fundamentals, allowing innovation and unlocking of opportunities.
  2. Ability to write specifications for complex, large-scale projects.
  3. Interface and User Experience designs that enable effiency and intuitive workflows.
  4. World-class software development using modern technology stacks.
  5. Australian-based cloud hosting and management on Amazon Web Services.

Flow can become you one-stop-shop for your business systems, allowing you to rapidly evolve your business with the current market and opportunties.

How We Work

Flow approaches our client's projects in a unique way:

  1. We spend time with the business's key stakeholders to understand their current processes, opportunities and challenges.
  2. Together, we'll determine what a 'First Version' of your business's platform could do, creating as much value as possible in as short a time as possible.
  3. Flow will continue to iterate on your business platform week by week with a resourcing model that ensures that you have a key resource available to help at all times.
  4. We will regroup after projects and releases to uncover new opportunities and challenges that can be solved or improved upon.

This process allows for two key wins: minimising project risk in the first version of the software by minimising opportunities for scope creep and offering a fixed-price ocntract. Once trust, understanding and a working relationship has been established, we can then determine the developer resourcing requirement that your business would benefit from to achieve it's goals beyond the initial release. This allows for incredible flexibility without the constraints of a fixed specification and allowing for rapid customer support.

Flow's History

Flow Started in 2013 offering custom software development services to early-stage startups in Australia and internationally.

We worked on a New York based fashion startup, a London-based student rental startup and a Sydney based property management system. Once completing those projects, we started to look for opportunties closer to our initial base in Southeast Queensland.

We soon found our passion when working with growing businesses who were experiencing frustration at stunted growth due to their tools and off-the-shelf software. We quickly realised that we could help business owners dramatically scale their operations and growth by leveraging the same technology that we'd used for startups across the world.

We've since helped more than a dozen small to medium companies based in Queensland to innovate and scale using our cutting-edge technology and development methods. In recent years, we've been able to achieve a lot.

  1. Our clients were able to rapidly transition to a remote working environment during the COVID-19 pandemic and move quicker than their competitors and continue to scale as a result.
  2. We've been able to consolidate the most commonly used features in our software into our 'Flow Catalyst' software. We now intend to use this to kick-start new projects and deliver value quicker than ever before.
  3. Our team continues to scale, with the addition off Matthew and Muhammad joining our team as Senior Developers.